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Cisco Certified Business Architecture Specialists

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Digital Transformation is disrupting the relationship between customer and vendor, with the long-term result being a closer relationship, spanning more than the deal. The Cisco Business Architect Specialist certifications help prepare individuals for the journey to building strong business skills, acumen, and providing enabling tools.

Cisco announces the retirement of Cisco Business Value Analyst and Cisco Business Value Specialist certifications. The last day to test for these certifications is December 29, 2017. In addition, the Cisco Business Value Practitioner certification will also be retired with the last day to test of February 15, 2018.

Candidates who possess these certifications will have the opportunity to migrate and earn the new Cisco Business Architecture Specialist certifications.

Cisco Business Architecture Specialists

Cisco Business Value Specialists


* The Cisco Business Value Analyst and Cisco Business Value Specialist certifications are scheduled to retire on December 29, 2017.

** The Cisco Business Value Practitioner is scheduled to retire on February 15, 2018.